Second Hand Phones – Buy or Sell Used Samsung or Apple Smartphones

Are you looking to sell or buy second hand phones online? Use an ethical retail company that offers refurbished Samsung mobiles or Apple iPhones for sale, as well as offering a way to recycle your old device.

This is a way to save money when buying a mobile phone, while still receiving the guarantee of a 12-month warranty.

Reboxed for used Samsung or Apple smartphones

Reboxed is a company focused on addressing the growing problem of electronic waste, particularly with smartphones. Their mission is to rehome 100 million devices by 2030 through a circular business model that involves rehoming, reboxing, and repeating the process.

This approach aims to reduce the amount of e-waste generated by the constant demand for the latest smartphones.


Cheap Mobile Phones, 12 Month Guarantee

The company offers refurbished phones that are up to 40% cheaper than new ones. For every phone they rehome, they aim to make it carbon positive by planting five trees and offsetting its lifetime CO2 emissions. All devices sold by Reboxed are fully tested and come with a 12-month warranty.

Their TechCheck® certification program, run by in-house engineers, involves a 70-point diagnostic check to ensure the quality and condition of the phones. This process is part of their commitment to reducing waste and extending the lifespan of electronic devices.

This means that you can buy cheap mobile phones online without the worry that your device will fail with no guarantee of refund or repair.

Second hand phones - buy or sell online

Refurbished Apple or Samsung Phones

Reboxed specialises in refurbishing and selling iPhones and Samsung smartphones. Their focus on these two major brands aligns with the prevalent consumer demand and the significant market share these brands hold in the smartphone industry.

By concentrating on iPhones and Samsungs, Reboxed effectively addresses a substantial portion of the e-waste problem associated with used mobile phones.

Learn more about this ethical mobile phone retail company on the Reboxed website and find the ideal gift, support the environment and save money.