Gifts for Men

Are you looking for the best birthday or Christmas gifts for men that you can buy online? Great gift ideas for a boyfriend, husband, brother, dad, son or any man can be tricky.

Gifts for men

What Gift Can I Buy for a Man?

If you need to buy a gift for a man, here are some presents that could be perfect for men of any age:


Travel Scratch Map
If the man you are buying for has done lots of travelling or plans to do so, a travel scratch map is great fun gift for keeping track of your adventures.


Amazon Fire Tablet
The Amazon Fire tablet computers are one of the best value tablets you can buy. They have sharp, high-contrast displays, up to 8 hours of battery life, and with a range of memory size options.


A wallet is a memorable gift because a man will take it with him pretty much every time he leaves the house. Some modern designs like this one even have a convenient chip window to make contactless payments.

A good quality wallet will be something he uses for years and really appreciate.


Laptop Backpack
A good quality laptop backpack will help to keep a PC safe and secure, and is a gift that will last for years. Good backpacks can be fashionable as well as functional.


Kindle Paperwhite
If the man you are buying for is an avid reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is great for reading in bed or while travelling. Its low level backlight allows you to read in the dark but without emitting the blue light that will keep you or those around you awake.


What Can I Buy a Man in His 50s or 60s?

If you are buying a present for a man in his 50s or 60s things can get trickier. How do you come up with gift ideas for men who have everything already? These presents can be great for any age really, but especially for men over 50:

Dressing Gown
Great for lounging around in the Christmas holidays, but throughout the winter and even all year round. A good, comfy dressing gown will always be appreciated.
You can choose them on the M&S website and either have them delivered or collect at your local store.


Tie Set
Does the guy need to stay smart for work or upcoming special occasions. I tie set could be great to help him freshen up his wardrobe.


Flavoured Olive Oils
You don’t need to be a chef to appreciate flavoured olive oils. Any food lover will enjoy changing up the taste of salads and other dishes.


Fishing Gear
Many men over 50 (and younger of course) enjoy fishing in their downtime, and fishing gear is always something that gets lost or broken. It’s hard to have too much fishing kit, and good quality equipment will be greatly appreciated.


Coffee Machine
The more mature gent might have a more cultured palate and a good quality coffee machine is likely to be used and appreciated every single day.


What is the Best Gift for a Husband or Boyfriend?

Romantic gifts aside, the best gift for a husband or boyfriend is often one that he will enjoy and find useful:

Bluetooth Portable Speaker
A good bluetooth, portable speaker is great for travel and camping, hosting parties or even just enjoying music in another room. These can be one of the best gifts for men of any age.


Retro Sweets Collection
For a rare treat, even the health conscious man can enjoy retro sweets from when he was younger. A collection of retro sweets could be great if you’re looking for birthday or Christmas gift ideas for men.


Portable Charger
As a handy extra birthday present or Christmas stocking filler, a cheap portable charger for your phone can be handy to take camping or keep in the car, while a more powerful gadget can be really useful for charging larger kit like laptops.


Personal Grooming Kit
Even if your boyfriend or husband already takes care of himself, a new personal grooming kit that includes things like hair / beard clippers, combs, lotions etc can be a great present. If he is scruffy then you both win!


Smart Shoes
If you want to buy clothing as a gift, things can be awkward because finding the perfect fit is often difficult, and subjective. Shoe sizes tend to be more consistent though, so if you know his size, it’s harder to go wrong. A pair of smart shoes could be a great gift, and something he might not get around to himself.


If you’re looking for the best Christmas or birthday gifts for men then hopefully this list will help. If you want something a bit different, we also have a page of unique gift ideas for him with some more unusual options. Between these pages, you should find something for the boyfriend, husband, son, brother, or any other man you’re buying for.