About The Retail A to Z Website

The Retail A to Z aims to provide useful guides for both retailers and consumers. As well as organising our website articles for Buying and Selling, we’ll create content in the following categories:


For Retailers

Retail Trends and Analysis

The latest trends in retail, such as the rise of ecommerce, changes in consumer behaviour, and new retail technologies.

Retailer Profiles and Success Stories

Profiles of successful retail businesses, including interviews with key personnel and insights into their business strategies.

Market Research and Consumer Insights

Findings from recent market research, surveys, and studies that provide insights into consumer preferences and shopping habits.

Retail Technology Innovations

New technologies like augmented reality shopping, AI in customer service, and advancements in supply chain management.

Ecommerce Strategies and Developments

Online retail, including ecommerce strategies for omnichannel retailing, mobile commerce, websites, hosting and digital marketing.

Sustainability and Ethical Retailing

Sustainable practices in retail, ethical sourcing, and the environmental impact of retail operations.


For Customers

Ethical consumer

  • Understand how products are made and shipped.
  • Find green alternatives that are just as good – or better.
  • Delve into the companies behind the products.

Data-driven insights

  • ‘Meta reviews’ – data from various sources.
  • Case studies that demonstrate real value.
  • Trends to follow and making future-proof choices.


Av Srivastava Marketing Consultant and Market Analyst

Av Srivastava Website Editor

Av is a market analyst and and marketing consultant, and manages The Retail A to Z website. His research and writing for several websites delivers industry advice and insights online to visitors in over 160 countries across the globe.

Av has over 15 years of experience helping companies to understand their market, gain increased visibility, and expand into new sectors and territories.