Software Training Solutions: Explainer Videos, Interactive Tutorials & Simulations

Here we look at some of the top software training solutions in 2023, including providers of explainer videos, interactive tutorials and simulations.

Most companies and professionals now use a range of software products that help them save time, manage operations and exploit ideas in virtually every area of a business. Software can make our lives much easier, but getting to grips with new software can be far from easy.

Software training solutions

Most new IT projects (including introduction of new software and systems) fail, and not because of issues with the products themselves, but with the process of implementation.

Within an organisation that needs to onboard staff with software, getting user understanding and buy-in, and effective training in using a product will be key elements of project success.

For a software provider, user adoption often depends on their confidence pre-sale, and proficiency will dictate whether licenses get renewed or whether they even get beyond the trial or demo phase.

Every tool has a learning curve – give your users the confidence that they’ll get through it quickly, then give them the support they need, and everyone wins.

Below are some of the best software training solutions within 3 categories – Explainer Videos, Interactive Tutorial Tools, and Custom System Simulations.


Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can be a great way to ease users into software training by introducing key features and initial guidance in how to use them. They can be a valuable part of the software marketing process, by helping potential customers to feel confident that the product will be easy to use, and fully supported with training and guidance that continues post-sale.

Leading Provider: Magneto Films

This London video production company creates bespoke intro films for a number of well-known brands. Watch the above example of an explainer video created for leading website hotspot and analytics software product – Hotjar.

This friendly introduction video helps visitors to feel at ease with a key feature of the product pre-sale, giving an initial overview of how it works and some of the standout benefits. Designed for early touch-points with Hotjar, it gives a taste if what’s to follow as users get to know the brand and the product, reassured that the easy to follow guidance experience will continue post-sale.

Learn more on the technology video production page of the Magneto Films website: to learn more.


Interactive Tutorials

For software user onboarding, interactive tutorials offer a better learning experience than just how-to text guides and FAQs. Users can learn by doing, as well as watching and reading. Training is made available at the point of need and can meet the user’s unique level of confidence, experience and understanding.

Leading Provider: WalkMe

WalkMe software onboarding tools

WalkMe describes itself as a ‘Digital Adoption Platform’ and put simply, it’s a suite of software onboarding tools that allow you to create step by step guidance tutorials.

The system uses AI to establish where users need support through usage pattern recognition, and signposts relevant tutorials at that point of need. The solution is used by both software providers to increase adoption and by enterprises to improve product training across their organisations.

Over 1,000 WalkMe customers include the likes of Microsoft, PayPal, Delta Airlines and T-Mobile, and it’s used across a wide range of industries, including Retail & eCommerce, Healthcare, Telecoms, Banking & Finance, and the Public Sector.

There are a range of software training solutions in this area, such as Appcues, Whatfix and Userlane, but WalkMe is perhaps the most popular at the time of writing.

Visit to learn more.


Software System Simulations

Many companies need to train their staff in the use of proprietary or off the shelf software and frequently in juggling multiple products to deal with common tasks, such as customer queries. Bespoke system simulations can give users the practice needed to deal with complex tasks in the context of your unique working environment.

Leading Provider: Day One Technologies

Simulation Training from Day One Technologies

This elearning company based near Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK have created bespoke, interactive systems training for some of the UK and Europe’s largest companies. They can develop a safe software training environment where staff practise tasks using a system that looks and feels true to life.

This gives them the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to work effectively when let loose in the live environment. Notable simulation projects have included training 8,000 banking call centre staff in a new, unified system when Lloyds Bank merged with Halifax-Bank of Scotland.

Go to to learn more about Day One’s solutions.

Update: they have also written this useful article on improving software user adoption with effective staff onboarding strategies over on their blog.



Good training will help your organisation to maximise the benefits of software during both the adoption process and it’s ongoing use. If you’re a software provider, the onboarding and support process is key to commercial success. Whatever your needs, one of these categories of software training solutions could be of great benefit to your users.


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