Apple Inc

Computing and consumer electronics giant, Apple Inc, is now one of the world’s most recognised and iconic brands with hundreds of its own retail outlets. Globally, is the top consumer electronics developer, with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod and now the Apple Watch among its most popular products.

The Apple Company Logo

With over $214Billion in revenue reported in 2016, Apple is also one of the world’s richest companies across all industries. In 2017, it was rated by Forbes as the world’s most valuable brand, worth $170B US.

Having shifted its focus towards consumer electronics in the mid 2000s, founder and then CEO Steve Jobs announced the company’s renaming from Apple Computer Inc to Apple Inc in January 2007 to reflect that shift in focus. It recently overtook Samsung as the largest technology hardware company in the world.

Apple is only behind Walmart in terms of annual revenues for US companies.

Apple’s iTunes Store is the world’s largest music retailer and the world’s largest information technology company. It is the 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturer behind Samsung.

As of October 2016, the company has 116,000 staff and is in the top 10 of the Fortune 500 list.

Apple has its headquarters in California, USA and in May 2017, had 496 retail stores across 21 countries.

Here you will find the Apple Retail Store List where you can search by country.