Chippendale Online Kitchen Planner Tool

Chippendale offer a smart and easy to use online kitchen planner tool to help you find the best design for your needs.

Chippendale Kitchens, manufactured by Omega PLC (one of the UK’s largest suppliers of kitchens to the independent sector), launched Discover my Kitchen to help consumers cut through an endless combination of colours, doors and fittings.

Online kitchen planner tool from Chippendale

Chippendale are making great use of the web by adding an easy to use kitchen planner tool to their site.

They are constantly updating their range of quality kitchen ranges to keep things fresh, and this feature of their website now provides a user-friendly way for consumers to personalise design previews based on the size and make-up of their household.

Chippendale kitchens come in a range of colours and styles that include:

Lastra Painted – a slab style, painted and smooth, with a choice of 6 handles.

Solo Painted – a similar style to Lastra, but with an integrated pull handle.

Wood Shaker – a shaker style, with painted timber. A choice of 10 handles, plus various worktops, flooring types and wall colours.

‘Discover My Kitchen’ is a great tool for use at home or in the kitchen showroom, making it easy to bring ideas and imagination to life.

With so many demands on your kitchen space, and now with home workspaces adding to the mix, Chippendale know that conflicting priorities across all the different elements of the kitchen can sometimes be difficult, especially seeing how colours can be used with each other. Retailers and consumers will find great simplicity and usefulness with this online tool.”

Click to learn more about the Chippendale range and the online kitchen planner tool.

Chippendale Kitchens, sold throughout the UK through a network of independent retailers, are supplied ready to assemble.

For further information, and for help choosing your perfect kitchen or finding your nearest retailer, you can contact the company on 01405 743 333.